Old Man Emu - Rear Springs

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Dec 23, 2002
At the moment, I have Old Man Emu "Heavy" springs as MAF put it - front and rear. I have a lot of weight in the front and as I've read before, this causes the front to dip low and the rear sits a few inches higher. I still use my FZJ80 as a daily driver and don't want any more lift and don't plan on putting any weight in the rear for a while. Would the medium or soft springs in the rear bring the rear end back down to sit more level with the front ?

Or do I go the J/L shock/spring route ? Or would this add more heighth ?

Thank you,

I can almost hear some of you guys groaning, but you could also pack the front. I've installed a couple I got from Slee and it leveled the truck nicely. Its an alternative to going to J springs if you're not planning on spending the money to perform the other modifcations that should go with that route.
You can install the 860 rears or add height with packers up front.

>> Or do I go the J/L shock/spring route ? <<

No, the J springs will add height.

Packers won't work. They just don't add enough height. Go with J spings in the front. Then add packers if need more. Also Slee Off Road makes an adjustable spring spacer.

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