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I'm thinking about getting a better commuter... (Like half the people here...) Anyone know when The Civic line did away with carbs? How early did fuel injection start? I know there was some overlap... Is there a Mud of older Hondas? Thanks! :cheers:
Well i had a 87 Honda that had programmable fuel injection.
:DAfter having a few Honda s that was plagued with fuel injection issues I bought a 92 Camry(2.2) that gets 500 miles per tank and I am very happy.
I will get that Honda site my man;)
Go for the '88-'91 Civic CRX HF or the '92-'95 Civic VX hatchback if you want 45-50 mpg.
I'd say just go with a base model early 90's corolla with a 5 spd. Although some ass just wrecked mine, I loved the car, it got somewhere around 36 37 38 mpg depending on how much you granny it... I had a total of 1200 invested in the car, and it ran so good. I just bought a nissan sentra to replace it, but I like the corolla much better, more technology in the corolla's in the early 90's at least compared to my classic model sentra.
There's a reason why Sentra's are cheaper than Corollas. You're basically buying a 3-4 year old Corolla when you buy a Sentra. Mazda is pretty much the same thing.
Go for the '88-'91 Civic CRX HF or the '92-'95 Civic VX hatchback if you want 45-50 mpg.

I had an 89 CRX HF back in the early 90's. Fun car and got 40mpg or more. Not as fun as the SI, but still a fun car.
Too bad we never got the Honda City Turbo.
Too bad we never got the Honda City Turbo.

We rarely get any of the FUN stuff. Or at least we have to wait many years after the rest of the world.
I drug this home a few weeks ago, needs some lovin' but it should be on the road in a couple weeks. Wish me luck! Hehe
Mini Pony 1.jpg
Mini Pony 2.jpg
that looks exactly like my 86si.. It looks in good shape. The piece with the Honda badge (between the headlights) usually is cracked from age. The bumpers are square to the body lines. Looks like a good find that has never been bumped or wrecked. I totaled mine back in 95'. I hit a Crown Vic square between the doors in the b pillar, the civic went about three feet into the vic. The only damage on the civic was a popped radiator, bent rad support and dislodged bumper. It had 285k on it so they totaled it. Change the cv joints, tweak the torsion bars, replace the shocks and it'll ride like a dream. The clutch on those are easy to tweak. Just slide your hand between the rad and exhaust and you can tighten the clutch with two fingers... just twist a knob.
Quick update..... It's been 10 months and 10K miles on the Honda... SO far it's bee a good $175 car... At first I replaced the clutch, resealed the pan, new valve cover gasket, timing belt, water pump.....

A few months after I was driving it I had to replace the fuel injector seals, one was leaking and I figured if I pulled them apart the other 3 would start, so I did them all....

Just a month ago I had a common no-start issue that turned out to be 2 bad soldered connections on the main relay. That was frustrating, but a cheap fix once I found the issue....

I've been hording tires, and now have a full set of winters, a full set of summers, 2 spare studded (off rims) and 2 oddball wide tires that I got for free on rims...

I've spent $22 on the stereo "system"

And I have been getting 32-33 during this winter with my "wide" winter tires, and I got 36-38 during the summer with my skinny "MPG" tires. I commute over a 1000 ft pass twice a day, so that's not helping...

Best tank was 42 on a down hill all highway run.
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