Old FJ40 Body Parts

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Nov 3, 2003
United States
I recently restored my 1978 FJ 40 with aluminimum and have the original steel fenders just sitting. I am offering them free to anyone who would like them for the cost of shipping and some packing time. They are pretty solid except in the point around the turn signal bracket one actually has a square cut hole about 2" by 2" and the bracket is mostly rusted off. I was thinking of repairing them but decided to go for alum. If anyone is interested I am in western North Carolina and you can get in touch and we can talk about expenses otherwise they will be recycled soon, as in meltdown.
Glad to hear someone can use the fenders. Hate to throw stuff out that someone might be able to use. I will hold here at my house until I hear you have someone to pick them up.
If the other deal falls through- let me know, I will gladly pay for shipping. Thanks, Luke
I just remembered I also have the old tranny cover. Are you also interested in that as well.

Do you have any idea when you might want to pick up the stuff?

let me know where you are located and i will be able to tell you when i can pick them up, sure i can use the tranny cover, let me know if there is anything else you have or might be looking to sell, i also sent you a PM.


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