old birf swap into newer crusier? (as trail  fix)

Feb 11, 2003
I have a 76 FJ40 and am wondering what I would have to do to use the older birfields (68-75) as trail spares. Will they go right in as a replacement birf? Or will this not work. Also will the older front axle shafts work as replacements, would I have to swap the older shafts and birfs in together to make it work. thanks.

On another note what would one have to do to make minitruck birfs fit, just a little grinding?


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Re: old birf swap into newer crusier? (as trail  f

inner front shafts are identical, but birfs are not. 10-spline outer birfs have a smaller race diameter where they contact the brass sleeve inside the spindle, and they will be very sloppy in there. You "could" carry another spindle and lockout, but honestly not sure how the drum/disc effects this either....

Minor grinding required for minitruck birfs, about 30 seconds per side with a 4" angle grinder. They are maybe 1/16" fatter along the flats, but enuf to not squeeze in.
Nov 16, 2002
Re: old birf swap into newer crusier? (as trail  

Reminds me of the time a buddy blew his birf in a 76 FJ55 and he had only a minitruck birf for a spare. It wouldn't fit so he drove home in 2WD. So the moral of the story is if you have minitruck birf for a spindle and you have a 76-78 cruiser, carry a grinder ;)

(You'll also need a fender washer and bolt 'cause the birf will be too short for the snap ring)


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