OK, who's doing what to their cruiser thread...

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Sep 2, 2004
Since I now know that Chris is going to get a skid plate and weld his rear end on the 40 to wheel the black trails at Paragon this year.... I would like to hear what others in the ALCC region are doing to their rigs in preparation for this year's wheeling...

here's, my list so far: since last year's pig run:

  • reworked my old "mystery" gas tank and solved the mystery.. remounted, painted, skid plate redesigned and installed
  • made new body supports to the recently replaced 4X4 steel tube rockers
  • added IPOR made slider tubes welded to the outside of said 4x4 rockers
  • replaced old rotted and ripped rear seats
  • rubberized the tailgate panel and back of fold down seat with rubberized paint
  • still to do soon: rewire with new EZ wire harness to have a safe and reliable wheeling season
  • still to do: grind down a bit or two on the exhaust manifold to fix the leakiness
  • still to do: 38.5 " SS SX, DIY beadlocks, 4340 Chromolly inners f/r (these may be next year mods)

there are more but off the top of my head;)
you forgot about your new wheelspacers...and the 38's should be at the top of the list, so my bro can buy your 36's, lol
which DIY beadlocks are ya planning on getting?

...oh yeah and my to do list is very very long....im still tearing down my 40 and gathering parts, but so far i have most of my drivetrain, a rear axle, some rusty cruiser body parts, and uhh i need to build a new frame, the suspension, steering, cage......you get the point:bounce:
you kown johnny long (lonfields) is making DIY beadlocks again and I have 4 steel wagon wheels )15 X 8= 15 X 10 w/ DIY beads).. I am hoping to find the extra cash for them soon and the 58's.. gotta pay for the Jim C. 2F soon and the 60 in the house. Should be a fun combination this yeay. The lifted 60 on 33's and now the more than ever built 55 ready to wheel. Sounds like you need to sand a frame or something : )
here are the slider bars

I know my welding skills are not professional but... what do you all think? Please no comments about the shop tires:flipoff2: I know they are cute...
the sliders tubes are angled up and I tried for high and tight...

your welds arent bad man....but i can help ya out sometime, your welder is the lincoln 135 right?...try turning the heat all the way up and the wire speed down a bit, go slow, and make sure your metal is shiny clean before any welding;)

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