ok who wants club stickers for their ride?

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Feb 21, 2006
Winston Oregon
Ok crazy got off his arse and contacted a local vinyl sticker guy and he says he can get us a 5x5 sticker with our club logo and name for 6 bucks a piece. Nice thing he will do as little as I want or as many.

I will cover the the shipping to mail out to the CURRENT members which currently is around 13 and a few pending.

The logo https://forum.ih8mud.com/members/fzj80ismybaby.html drew up(I will post up a picture in a few minutes) that will be incorperated maybe not 100% the same color but it will be close. Also the name of the club will be in a half moon shape above the logo and maybe something else....I need to get the black hands ok first. The outlines(for visabilty and cost) need to be in white.

Now this is a vote...............we need your guys input on this. He can print ASAP and I have had questions such as when we getting stickers?:D Website later fellas...we need lotz more members first. Please contact me if you want one. I would like to have him print in the next week or so. I would love to pull the club funds and buy the members each sticker but there is only 50 bucks in the account currently.

The clubs paypal for those that does not know is Mountaineercruisers@yahoo.com

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Thats awsome chris. I never did do a logo. there were a couple of different ones posted up in one of the threads. I would look them up but I have to run home now and pull the H55F and replace the new rear main seal and put it back in tonite.
I thought you emailed me one.....hold the phone I know who it was now:whoops:. When the old lady gets home she can show what is wrong with her computer then I can post it. Are you ok with what I have so far?
Thats awsome chris. I never did do a logo. there were a couple of different ones posted up in one of the threads. I would look them up but I have to run home now and pull the H55F and replace the new rear main seal and put it back in tonite.
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bummer that 'mountaineercruisers.com' is taken by some Aussie place....

mountaineercruisers.net is available tho....I could buy it and redirect it like I do for TX- The White Trash of the Elwood Chapter - IH8MUD Forums (note: that is elwoodwhitetrash.com)

....if I get a free honorary membership... ;)
redirect set, will take an hour or two or who knows to be recognized....but it's set :)
Thanks Woody. If your going to to be at cruise moab look me up and we should have a full cooler.

I will take 4 of the stickers when they are ready.
Which Logo are we using? Last I heard we were going to make some changes/additions to the second logo. Also I thought we were to have a vote on which logo we would use at one of the meetings?

Second I just talked to my friends in Albuquerque NM who own a sign shop and are willing to make the sticker for much much cheaper! After we decide on a final logo He said to email him a copy so he can look at the design for a final quote. I described the logo to him and he thought he might charge us 2$-3$ a sticker!!!:bounce: As many or as little as we want.

If we are using the logo I worked on I have a vector file that I can send which will produce a much higher quality sticker. Neither of the posted logos are of high enough quality to produce from. Also the stickers are plotted on vinyl, a raster format will have to be converted over to vector format...costing more time and money at the sign shop.

We need to hammer down a final design before we get the stickers made. I know one thing that was talked about was putting the TLCA number in the design. :wrench:
I honestly dont care who makes it;).

That is why I said lets take a vote. Personally the logo itself ......any clean cut logo is fine with me. Only thing I insist on is that our new web addy will be on top rather than inside for bigger visabilty. The club addy/name is to small inside the logo. All I was trying to do was progress being as such things was so quiet/nothing said and a few new folks ask me about them. I am easy to please as I know Matt is:D. The club can take a vote via internet....I suck at art work. If you or anybody else wants to tweek, recreate...go for it . I do not care to wait to come to a agreement in person. Besided I know you,myself and Tim are meeting up in May...hopefully more folks

Thank you for speaking up and for the invitations;). I was up your way today and forgot your blasted phone #
Ok....just talked with Steve. He can get more of them by far cheaper, faster and he knows the quality with no question.

It is his baby and he said he would keep us posted:grinpimp:.

Thank you Lurch:cheers:
:lol: we might work something out...I know woody gets a free one:flipoff2:
since i drew it up, do i get it free?

any Ideas forward them to Lurch..he is dealing with the printer directly. I told him personally what I woily like to see(the clubs addy above the logo) and the rest is up to you guys. He said in a couple of days or so he would post up pictures or ideas. I do know his main idea was the clubs TLCA # put inside...which is a big plus:)
also... do you need any changes made to the sticker design, tell me what you would like and i'll do some tweaking

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