OK to mention tech stuff from ebay here?

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Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
I've posted a few times now when I saw something relevant to this tech forum (only this forum, Woody, so it's relevant ain't it?) on ebay, but I'm having second thoughts. I was already gently reminded once that having posted something may mean competition for a forum bidder. Took that to heart and so recently only mentioned the ones without bid, but that does not solve the fundamental problem. Could still be one of us waiting to pounce on the stuff. Came from the notion that this may help somebody on the forum that may not know the stuff is out there, but waddaya think?
- if we post, it may help somebody but may increase bidding
- if we don't somebody outside may get useful cruzah stuff for cheap...

so: community spirit or survival of the fittest?
Not sure. :flipoff2: I posted something last week then requested that it get deleted.

I think if it was a hard to find item it would be ok, maybe, but maybe better only if someone mentions they are looking for something.

I had previously PM'd someone with the info on what I had posted. When they had indicated it wasn't high on the priority list I posted it here.

Probably just better if someone says they need something and can't find it.
It's very easy to set up a search on Ebay and have an email sent to you on a daily basis for the new items that you may be interested in. If you are not bright enough to do that then it’s like you snooze you lose! If you want to post a link to Ebay to make some kind of comment about a unique setup etc., I don't see a problem. Just to post something that is for sale I find very irritating. If someone asks a question, "where can I find one of these", again not a problem posting a link.

do as you please until you reach the addict status but then relax and forget about ebay and increasing your post counts. :D

E -

For one, I have mixed emotions about such posts.

On the positive side, I have bagged a number of very useful, hard to find items because of casual remarks on this list. On the negative side, some folks get carried away and don't know when to give it a rest. That's why there is a for sale section.

Phil's suggestion works well enough, but most folks on this list would jump at any one of dozens of items if they knew it were for sale. Having email alerts for everything I would bid on/purchase would get unmanageable.

Perhaps J's suggestion is best: Save such posts for the unusual/hard-to-find stuff, or items that have been covered in recent threads/posts that you know folks are looking for. Used sparingly, they would be welcome to a lot of us.

Cheers, R -

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