OK, Plugs are changed

Dec 29, 2003
Louisville, KY
I will post up pics a bit later. I am waiting on my PCV valve from cruiserdan so I will snap a couple on that as well.

Took me right at 45 minutes. I think I could do it in about 30 minutes knowing what I know now.

Just a FYI, my Iridiums looked fine although I imagine there is some internal composition loss i.e. spark has decreased because of internal wear. Left bank took about 10 minutes. Right bank 20 minutes.

Again, I find it disturbing that a dealer would charge over 200.00 in labor to do what they call a tune up i.e. change plugs and replace filter. And get this, when I told my service fellow that I was going to r&r the plugs myself, he says, man, you are dealing with an interference engine. I would really recommend not doing that. LOL!

I went with the Bosch +2's. I'll report back on them. I have heard very very poor reviews on the Bosch +4's just in case you were wondering about them.

Happy F day fellows!
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