OK, I did it, now I'm stumped ( miniaxle)

Mar 30, 2003
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After seeking advice on the best way to go disk brakes in the front I took the advice of those wiser than me and got myself a mini truck axle and did the conversion. Everything seems to be ok except for now I'm in a quandry as to what to use for a tie rod and steering rod. I have the Saginaw conversion, the original tie rod and relay- rod were used for that with the frum brakes. Now I don't know what to use. Do I use the originals that were on the drum brakes? Or do I use the mini axle tie rod and cobble up a relay rod. I'm stuck....

Need help from someone who has done this before.
Jun 23, 2002
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I did the same conversion and used the arms off a Fj60 or late model Fj40. That way I could retain the stock tie rod and use the stock tie rod ends.

I did get a pair of little "bushings" from man a fre that they charged me 15 bucks for ( two bucks a piece would have been fair). If you call them directly they can walk you though your options as well as stick you for those bushings (they aren't in the catalog , you have to call). Im told that you can actualy use thin wall tubing but it was easier for me to spend the 15 bucks. Check the tech page there is a huge amount of info on the brake swap.


This link shows the difference between the steering arms

If you used the mini truck arms then I think you need to cut the drivers side arm and use the mini truck rods. this link has some info on that

Good luck
Nov 16, 2002
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I used the minitruck tie rod and shortened the relay rod. The cruiser TRE won't fit the mini steering arms properly. The mini tie rod will be run reversed, the eye for shock absorber used in the right side for the relay rod, which is why the relay rod needs to be shortened. The proper tap for the relay rod end is hard to find, I had Mudrak Custom Cruisers cut and retap it for me.


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