Ok..Going to Bio-oil if any interest


Jun 10, 2004
San Diego, CA USA
Well I have been doing some research and have decided to use one of my 70's as a test for running Bio-oil (not Bio-diesel). If anyone is interested after I am done I will make the tanks and system components available. Once I do the 70 if all works well I will be fitting my Motor coach with a 100 gallon Bio-oil tank.

If you are unsure on what Bio-oil is vs Bio-diesel it is the process of running used (or new) cooking type oil in your diesel. Bio-diesel is the process of taking used cooking oil (or new) and turning it into diesel fuel – B100 or B20. The process for converting to Bio-diesel has many steps in it and you get several nasty bi-products from this process. The Bio-oil is filtered and run directly in diesel engine (usually running regular diesel fuel to start and to warm-up, and then again just before shutdown to clean the system). The down side of Bio-oil is that your exhaust will smell like what was cooked in the oil. Now for those of you that might have had the same experience on the trails with gassers as I have, usually the gassers complain about the smell and want to be in front of you. With Bio-oil you can tell them to enjoy the smell of Fries on the trail :)

So why do it? Well at the pump (around my location) I can pay anywhere from 2.38 to 2.75 per US gallon with Bio-oil it is Free from plenty of local restaurants, Pump it out, filter, pump it into separate mounted tank and I am good to go. Another big plus is better for environment and for humans.


Sep 6, 2002
I love the idea and have done a lot of reading on it. What it comes down to is a good filtration system before the oil goes into the tank, to avoid clogging of lines and injectors.
Also, we will have a big advantage with the warm climate here.
It should be possible to fill the regular big tank with oil, and run a second small tank for start-up and to clean the system. Probably needs a stronger pump though.
Let's chat about it...
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