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After another night of rust removal!
Dec 28, 2006
Western Massachusetts
What is the recommended oil and amount needed for an oil change on a 1976 HJ45?
Edit in RED:

You REALLY need an OEM service manual for your truck.

Click on "Resources" on the task bar above, Search on "H engine" and you will be awarded an engine manual, and search on "HJ" possibly a Chassis/Body manual.

Page 1-3 of the Engine manual.
Sep 5, 2022
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
So, are you going to take a look at the free manual here on Mud?
I am going to let someone who has more experience with these vehicles do the diagnostics on it.
Little things I can do, but the vehicle is also in a no start condition.
I have contacted someone here in the Phx AZ area to look at it, but he is 3 to 4 weeks out.
If you know of any good service techs in this area, or even a local owner who is well versed in these, I would certainly appriceate a referral.
I am afraid the electrical parts this vehicle may need, will not be available and it may take someone who can devise a different path, to get it going. I dont even know yet if there are other methods to fix the issues.
The problems it has are well over my head, and if I attempt to "fix" something, I could just make it worse.
Currently the glow plugs are not warming up after I turn the key backwards for 14 seconds. When I put my hand on them, they are cold.
When I turn the key to start, there is a soleniod looking device on the inside firewall that just clicks. It sorta reminds me of the soleniods on the inner fender of the old Fords. This part may not be original to the vehicle, and possibly someone has tried to find a solution because they could not find original parts.
Battery is good and fully charged. I even swapped out a new battery and went thru the same procedures, it did the same thing. So I dont think its a battery issue.
Terminals are clean and connections are secure.

This truck is so nice. Someone has done a very good job on the restoration and build. Its a shame it doesnt run. It is such a well done truck.

Well I have bent your ear long enough, thanks for the response.







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