Oil presure ?

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Sep 7, 2004
Today we ran-up the 1982 FJ45 2F newly overhauled engine for the first time. All went well other that a few water leaks but nothing that could not be fixed.
I have done a few engines in my days on this earth mostly VW engines and a few 302's and a few 350's. This is my second 2F. On the first one I did I do not remember if the oil pressure was as high as this one was. See photo. We did put a new oil pump in along with new rings and cam, main bearings. Readings on round gauge were @1000-1200 RPM 55-60 PSI, on Toyota gauge was in between the two white marks. Idle readings were 40-45 PSI and just below the two white lines.
Just to confirm that most of you that have replaced a pump got this high of a reading on your gauges? High pressure is good and it can be bad.
Please advise on your 2F rebuild.
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I don't see it as being a bad thing. I mean my old rig has a 79 engine and has never been rebuilt but it runs 50 psi when I first run it and when it gets hot at about 40-45 psi and 30-35 idle. It would have to get way up there to blow seals. It runs smooth? No unpleasant noises?
Readings on round gauge were @1000-1200 RPM 55-60 PSI, ... Idle readings were 40-45 PSI.

That's just about exactly what my 1980 2F does.
The presure

Thanks guys, just wanted to make sure.
I feel better now so I guess I can put the bottle of Scotch away.
Again thanks for the replies.

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