Oil Presure gauge

Mar 1, 2005
Well I just got done a bunch of body work that prolly would have been better off if no one ever bondoed the crap out of it, but the bondo is gone now, I hate that stuff.

Anyway I need to get my oil preesure gauge fixed, it does some funny things, If you guys could give me some tips maybe a picture of the sending unit and some advice on cleaning it or replacing it and getting it working again, another option is to just get a mechanical one, but I would need to know a good place to buy and also how to install, any help would be great

Feb 28, 2005
Victopia BC
Funny thing... I ran some engine flush through the motor before my last oil change, and I'll be darned if it didn't get the oil pressure guage working better! Must have cleaned that little filter screen I keep reading about. I should pull it and clean/replace it, but till then, its nice to see pressure at idle!
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