Oil pressure

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Feb 28, 2011
So I was driving the 700+ miles home to Fort Worth from Colorado yesterday and I was cruising at 2800 rpms. The rpms snuck up to around 3200 and I noticed my stock oil pressure gauge went from the normal (for me) 1/3 reading to low. As I let off the gas and the rpms hit 3000 it popped back up. It would repeat this if I got above 3000 rpms. An hour or two later my alternator went bad.

Any connection?
How should I proceed?
Check your oil level. The gauge reading is probably just off, could be due to the faulty alternator.
Great... Are you someplace where you'll be able to get an alternator?
Keep the old one and rebuild it. I replaced mine kept the old one haven't rebuilt it yet need to drove my 89 62 from obx nc to summit county co this winter I had it in the back of my head the whole time (should have rebuilt my alt and brought it with me just in case). Hope everything works out for you man.
rebuilt OEM over aftermarket new any day of the week. find your local motor repair shop and you should be set.

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