Oil Pressure Sensor Connector

Feb 22, 2007
Germantown MD
One of the connectors that hooks up the oil pressure sensor on the passenger's side of the block keeps coming off on me making the guage read 0 oil pressure.

Does anyone have a picture of what it is supposed to look like? I am pretty sure mine is broken because it has no way of mechanically locking onto the nipple of the sensor.

There are two connections on the sensor, one has a flat tab that the wires hook onto, the other is a nipple in the middle of the sensor that the connector slides onto. This is the one I am talking about.

Can I buy this anywhere or do I have to buy this from a dealer?

Aug 22, 2006
Chapel Thrill NC
If its the one I'm thinking of, you should be able to use a female blade connector in place of the factory connector. Just crimp it on the wire and slide it over the nipple.

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