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Feb 9, 2007
Nixa, MO
i put on a mechanical oil pressure gauge when i did my 2F rebuild. i am reading 60 on the gauge. i also hooked up the OEM elec gauge just to compare. is 60 normal, good, high??

the dash oil pressure gauge it reading pegged at the top, but the new gauge still reads 60. is this pressure okay?

and, is the OEM dash oil gauge somehow wired to work correctly with the water temp gauge. I don't have the water temp gauge hooked up, just the mechanical one i added. could this be causing the hi pressure reading on the dash?



The Cruiser Whisperer
Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
unplug the oil pressure sender, see if the gage reading goes to zero.
If it does go zero, then the gage is OK, the sender is bad.

If it stays up, even w/ sender wire unplugged, then the gage is fried.

Gage is probably fried because the wire was connected to the ground spade, rather than the correct sender terminal in the center of the can. Common problem when inattentive mechanics work on toyota vehicles.

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