Oil pressure question

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Feb 8, 2007
Northeast Georgia (Habersham)
new 2f, driving across country. First 1000 miles was reading on high mark within normal range. Arrived in Santa Fe and oil is reading low mark of normal. At idle it's dead center now, but on highway is the low mark within normal range. Oil level is great, sounds and drives awesome. Anything I should look into or worry about?
Thanks for the link! I'm like that guy too, maybe a little paranoid, but I don't want to have a catastrophic failure in the middle of nowhere.

Update when I let off he gas and put it in neutral it's perfect pressure. As soon as I get back on it, it slowly dips. It's currently holding the low end of normal at highway speed.

I may pull up the pressure sender off and do the clean out to see what happens. Do I need any kind of sealant for the threads when I put it back on?

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