Oil Pressure Gauge

Apr 22, 2004
Johannesburg, South Africa

I need to start trouble shooting my oil pressure gauge in my 1984 4Runner. It hasnt worked since I got the truck. I does have power to it, when starting the truck the needle will move from the L position up, but once the truck is started and running it drops and doesnt read. I did replace the sending unit because the threads were bunged up pretty bad and it wasnt tight.
So, when the key is on and the truck isnt running where does the gauge read? I am thinking that the PO may have reversed the plug ins in the back when putting in an aftermarket tach, but kind of want to know that before I tear into the gauge pod.


Jun 3, 2005
I have a similar temperamental OE oil pressure gauge on my '98 1HD-FT.With the ignition on and the engine not running the gauge should be on the bottom line (low).One thing I've learned from reading this forum is that Toyota OE gauges aren't the best.For peace of mind I temporarily connectd up a mechanical gauge and the pressure was fine.Even at a constant engine RPM and load, while cruising for instance,my OE gauge gradually moves up and down,reading high,then low,then back up again etc while the mech gauge is rock steady.

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