Oil Plug 2002 Tacoma

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Apr 16, 2007
I just changed my oil on my truck. I tightened everything up, no leaks....The next day I find a 3-4 inch puddle of oil under my oil plug....So I re-tighten the plug.

My Question: Did the plug on the 2002 tacoma 4wd V6 3.4 come with a oil plug washer? Cause I didnt see it when I removed it, I hope I didnt lose it.....

Every car I've worked on had a washer. I would get a washer ASAP. Good luck with that messy project! :D

Also, are you sure that is where it's leaking from? Check your oil filter, too, and make sure the gasket is in place and sealed properly.
My '01 V6 has a washer.
I 2nd checking the source of your leak!
Good luck!
My 2002 has a washer.
All my Toyota engines have washers.

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