Oil pan wont give in!!!

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Jan 22, 2009
North Hollywood CA
I remove the 22 bolts that hold the oil pan, I tried the jack bottle on the side for the whole day and night and today still rock solid glued to the engine. I tried for a while with engine degreaser and a blade (where I was able to scrape) but nothing still solid, it seems like one complete piece. Any input or something that I could spray and help loosing it up?
Did you take off the inspection cover in the back of the pan? sometimes the last couple bolts are hidden by it. Go around the lip with a utility knife then sidejack it with a 2x4 chunk and a bottle jack. maybe PB blast it too, before bottle jacking it.
Get the bottle jack on the frame and use a piece of wood against the oil pan, but try to create a slight downward angle. You just need to put a little more pressure on it.
I had to put more pressure than I thought, then it let loose.
I went around the pan and remove all the bolts and even the 2 big bolts under the rear main seal, I am going to try the pb blast and place more pressure, I could have thought of that but I was just checking with the pros!!
put the bottle jack and a piece of wood/ 2 x4 back on there. Jack it sideways off the frame, it takes A LOT of pressure.

Don't just get it tight and leave it, you have to keep turning the jack until one side of the pan pops loose.
When one side breaks loose, switch to the other side and do the same thing. I think that this will help avoid tweaking the pan. Former posters are right on, it takes a lot of pressure. Put some pressure on, leave it 1-2 hours and then put some more, repeat, repeat, repeat. The 2X4 on the pan to spread the pressure is a good idea.
I used the bottle jack and 2x4 method but finally had to use my heat gun. I thought it would be safer than a torch. I have an adjustable heat gun that gets up to about 1000 degrees or so. After heating the pan for a while it finally popped off. If was a little tweaked but went on fine and has no leaks now. Have fun, wear safety glasses.:cheers:
best way I have found is to put a 2x4 vertically against the frame and the spring on the passenger side and use that to base your jack on. This lowers the jack so that it is pushing perpendicularly against the bottom of the pan creating the most leverage. Also do as suggested above and put a board across the bottom of the pan as well to spread the load horizontally. Crank it really tight, leave it a few minutes and keep tensioning as necessary... it will come off.
I got to thank you guys for all the tips, I took off last week up north with the family and when I came back I attacked the oil pan (per your instructions) this time I put more balls into it and the pb blast and what do you know, an hour later I walked to the garage looking for something else and noticed the jack was on the floor, looked underneath and there he was still hanging but I said NOT TODAY and he just gave in and came lose. You guys are the cream of the crop and I am getting more hooked with "Monstro" (my car that is). Case close and move on to my auto/manual tranny swap!!! thanks guys
Case closed, but for everyone's future reference, there is a notch on the pan that you can get a screw driver or pry bar into. Then you just have to pull down slowly. Works every time, and does not damage the pan. AATlas1x told me this trick.
NOTCH ON THE PAN? Where is it? Are you talking about the actual skid plate below the drain plug?

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