Oil Pan Leak

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
Hay, I have a oil leak, go figure :D
I put a glob of FIPG where the hump of the oil pans is at the front of the motor next to where the crank pulley is.
I put it on there this summer and the evil M1 must of work its way through it :mad:
Now with dino oil in there, I will just do it again and see what happens.
I don't want to drop the pan any sooooner than I have to.
Would the FIPG for the diff/t-case work better than the engine FIPG stuff as it is just sitting on the surface and stopping the oil from leaking out???
Dropping the pan isn't a big deal.
It is for me. One thing leads to another.
When I got the 80, I want to fix the frozen parking brake bell. From there, the rotors needed replaced then the caliper needed to be rebuilt. Then the ujoints, tranny drop (rear main leak fix that wasn't leaking) dropped it again as I pinched the O2 sensor wires and so on.
I will just globseal it up again.
Whatever floats your boat, but there's not much else to do in there besides the pan. The hardest part is scraping off the old gasket material.
Are you sure its the oil pan and not the crankshaft position sensor thats leaking? The location of the sensor can make it seem like a leaky oil pan or main seal


How did you fix yer postion sensor when you don't have one. :eek:
I fixed the leak at the pan this summer. This is why I know where it leaks :doh:

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