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Mar 31, 2005
OK, I about s#&* myself on the way to work today. My engine oil light came on briefly while driving into work today. I was running around 60mph, oil guage was between the top two marks (normal for my rig). I saw the light on for about 5-10 seconds, and then it went out. Stopped at a gas station and checked the dipstick. After about a minute, I had a low reading on the stick. Drove into work and the oil pressure was normal (for my rig), no oil light.
Did an oil change yesterday. Swapped Val 10W 30 with a stealer small no flow back filter, to a C-Dan large no flow back filter with Val 10W 30. Replaced 6.5 qt, and the dipstick read just slightly high (as does normally). No leaks or drips, and I spray washed the area after. When I was at the gas station this morning, I did notice a small drip on thh bottom of the filter (leftover from my hand yesterday?). I gave it another small twist, it was still pretty tight however. So, I have never had this happen before, that I know of anyway. Any ideas? TIA

Hope this is enough info, if not, by all means, flame away.


94 135K 2.5 OME, 285, pin 7, CDL, etc.

Trunk Monkey

Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
It should have taken more than 6.5q to fill, IIRC it's around 8. As mine gets close to needing an oil change, the light comes on intermitently. I'm assuming it's just from the oil the truck has burned since the last LOF.


Apr 29, 2003
Just need some more oil. The larger filter holds more than the old small one you were using. Add a little at a time. I put more than 7qts in mine with the large filter.

Btw...The oil light comes on when the oil level is low...nothing to do with oil temp.
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