Oil Level Sensor - horizontal mount in oil pan

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Jan 10, 2005
Belmont, NC
I am working on a BJ40 build and obtained an oil pan as part of a turbo conversion (one of Keith42's). I needed an oil pan anyway so this was a good find. I am also eliminating the EDIC system for fuel shutoff so I would like to build a warning system for low oil level. This pan came with a horizontally mounted oil level sensor, but non-functional. I can't really identify it for a plug in replacement. Looking for suggestions for a replacement. - assuming that I will need to redo/weld in a new bung. Attaching photos of the current oil level sensor and the oil pan bung from outside and inside the pan.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Oil Sensor.jpg

Oil pan bung 1.jpg

Oil Pan bung inside.jpg
Thats a standard oil level sensor Toyota used on diesels from the late 80s. I dont know what its from, but this is a 3B Dyna truck oil level sensor from 1995


As an aside you could retain the Oil Pressure switch that used to provide oil pressure status to the EDIC and instead use it to drive a buzzer.. it provides an earth on loss of oil pressure. I did this on my HJ47.
I second the above. I priced out one of these oil level senders and they are not cheap. You could even just put a red LED somewhere on your dash and hook it to the oil pressure sensor the EDIC used. If you can find the sender, you could wire both to one warning light/buzzer too.

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