Oil Leak

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Jun 20, 2005
OK, I have power hosed everything off, tightened oil pan bolts, and re-sealed the two 14mm bolts at the front end. It doesn't seem to be the pan, rather behind the pan. So I think the next suspect is the engine rear main seal. Any other possibilities in that general area? As most from the wrenching weekend can attest, this is a fairly major leak. Also, how difficult is it going to be to put a rear main seal in? Haynes doesn't go into great detail what the steps are to accomplishing this.
My advice is to start with the pan, then do rear main.. At least see if you can determine which it is. It'll be easy to determine if it's the rear main by pulling the clutch inspection cover from the bottom of the bell housing. getting everything clean, then starting it and looking if it's on the bottom of the rear of the oil pan or the rear main. If you can't find it throw some flour at the area and look for the new drips, leaks etc.

Rear main consists of pulling tranny, driveshafts, clutch, flywheel.. About as easy as swapping out a 2f.. 6-8 hour job if you have the proper tools. I'd probabl do the clutch and pilot bearing etc at the same time.
Proper Tools? I knew there was a catch.
Thanks Eric - will check inspection cover and see if I can narrow the search.
You're back from LA? No, not yet. But it is not unbearable. Need to find pesky oil leak first. I'm going to order steel shims for both front and back - currently have alum. shims in front just so I can make it to work and back without taking out half of rush hour traffic on the way.
I'm probably going to be here in La until prox 24 to 28. The project is a county court house and the worst scrwed up mess I ever seen. We've brought in five carpenters and I to try to get the woodwork sellable by the end of the month. We're working 7-10 hr days so I'm pretty worn out. I'm hoping to come home two weeeks from Wednesday. When I get back we'll get "Medium Red" shimmed. Check the bolts on the side cover to see if they're tight and the valve cover nuts also.
Unfortunately I'm packed for next two weekends with errands and spring break trip to South Dakota. But thanks for the offer, I'll get in touch after break. Also, tightening the pan bolts did do something, seems to have slowed it down some, not convinced it is stopped however.
Charlie ,
If you want we can let it run up on the lift and look for the leak.
Thanks Craig - We'll see how its doing in a couple of weeks. By the way I have recieved new brake lines, stainless steel extended that I will be installing sometime.

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