Oil leak around crankshaft pulley - what else do I need?

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Mar 21, 2010
NE Oregon
Hey all - my '85 FJ60 with the 2F has got a leak around the crankshaft pulley, I am assuming it is the seal for the crankshaft pulley within the timing cover? I've looked through the FSM and used the search function; it appears there are two variations of the oil seal but I'm not sure which to select? I had found a post calling out the part numbers but now I can't find it again. Any input?

Also, what other gaskets or seals will I need? Timing cover gasket? Other? OEM part numbers?

The leak isn't terrible but slowly chasing down all leaks; already knocked out the oil pan gasket and side cover gasket, replaced the water pump and all of the hoses, so I am hoping this is it (that's what I said with the oil pan gasket!).

Any help is appreciated.

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