Oil leak after new pan gasket (1 Viewer)

Jan 3, 2011
Westchester County, NY
The good news is the gasket isn't leaking after my first test drive. The bad news is that there is oil pooling and then dripping from in between the welded skid plate, just in front of the drain plug; the plug is definitely not leaking either...I gave that a new gasket too. And my pan looked so good inside....like new! So, a couple of questions;1) why didn't it leak while it sat there for four days full of oil waitng for the test drive? and 2)I guess this spells new oil pan from Dan? No easy fix right?

At least I know how to do the job this time...argggg.:bang:
Jul 27, 2010
Dont know for sure, but I just had the same problem, after pulling pan off for the second time, I looked at it closer and it had a small nick on the top of the pan that leaked out and went more than one place. I used that floresent yellow dye leak detector, it worked great, you need a black light to detect the liquid. I have a spare 2f so I just used the pan off it, but could have fixed it easy enough.

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