Oil Leak 1996 L/C, I don't know where it is coming from!

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Jun 25, 2004
The pics are where I see the wetness. I am not a mechanic but I can follow directions. I have gotten so much accomplished on my truck just from this website. The pics were taken from under the front end of the truck. I can't tell where the leak is coming from...can anyone? There are no leaks from the top or the sides of the engine. Thanks, for reading!
Distributor shaft o ring perhaps. Valve cover. Oil cap seal. Timing cover. Lots of things you cant see
Most of that leak is probably coming from the oil pump cover O-ring/gasket, some from the crank seal.
Mine looked like that and I replaced the Oil Pump seal, Distributor O-Ring, and all my power steering hoses. Now that those are done, I can see the last one or two small leaks (PS pump primarily). My biggest one was the hoses and oil pump.
Thanks, everyone. I am going to try the powder trick, also!
Kernel is right....oil pump O ring and crank seal. Mine is puking all over the place! I've lost a quart and a half of oil in a weeks time. It's blowing back all over the place.

Scheduling my mechanic to replace the seals next week.....about $500.
Complete the following then repost if leak remains:

Mine looks like that too...and thats after replacing the valve cover gasket and dizzy o ring. Next up is the crankshaft seal and oil pump cover. Have the parts too, just need to pick a day and get it done (and get a 300ft lb torque wrench too). The video Hornd posted pretty much explains step by step how to do it.
Remember that the oil pump cover bolts are JIS bitts not phillips thats why we have so much trouble caming out when reinstalling. Allen Is a better fastner I have read. Also you MUST re torque crank bolt to 305 ft lbs or 309 I'm not sure or you will have oil pressure problems and P/S as well. Most of my oil at back of engine bottom was Valve cover, Oil pump cover gasket was broke In two and made an awful mess. It sprays all over.I replaced all problem seals and not a drip In 6 months, I thought maybe I would eliminate half, a very pleasant suprise. Its not a hard Job, be careful not to break oil pump bolts, I think there Is factory locktite on them. Good Luck ..!
That's the only thing that has me a little nervous..... those oil pump screws.
That's the only thing that has me a little nervous..... those oil pump screws.

FWIW...all 7 of mine came out cherry - pristine - used by 12v bosch impact - easiest part of my repair.
no heat no nothing needed - just cleaned em out - tapped in a #3 phllips and let the impact driver do the work -

209k and rolling...
An impact driver works great.

You can get a replacement torx kit here: http://www.phhkit.com/other-kits---merchandise.html They are pretty sweet.

Also, since we all like reading MUD this is an informative read:

FWIW I removed my radiator when I did mine. I figured I was going in so I might as well service the cooling system too:bounce: I gotta say it made the job a LOT easier. This allows you to apply the needed pressure to those pesky oil pump screws. Also, you don't need to worry about damaging the fins on the radiator.
BING0!!! (i believe i am on page #27)
i picked up that exact kit - a whopping $8.00 :clap: - guess if i ever need to pull the oil pump cover off - should be easy breezy -
just guess i got super lucky that the screws came out so clean....but torx always beats phillips....


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