Oil Filter Warning

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Feb 7, 2002
Pendleton Oregon
for 2H engines oil filter #PH8A aka "8A" as listed above is not reccomended for 2H engines.

Why do I know this? I just popped 2 off my 2H, I called a oil filter tech hotline and they confirmed that the 2H diesel oil pressure exceeds the max oil pressure allowed by the 8A. I put a napa filter part #1627 and it works without issue and is probably twice the size of the 8A

Can someone update the part # list?
I removed the 8a mentioned filter.... and added your statement above. Go have a look and see if that covers it.

That part number thread is still a work in progress. Takes time to clean it up. Eventually all the posts will be deleted and their quotes inserted.....the idea was to have sections based on engine type. I might have to re-do the whole thing on a new thread.....will see.
Fram no good

Fram filters, and their house brand clones are not recommended for any engine

use Purolator L30001, or PL30001

or Motorcraft FL-1A

or Donaldson P550008, or P169071 [larger high flow version]
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