Oil filter - SBC 350

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Sep 20, 2005
Los Gatos, California
I got a new oil filter for my SBC 350 and when the parts guy asked me if it was the big one, I said yes. When I got back home, I saw that the filter is the right diameter but is a lot longer than the one that is on there. I have the 330hp crate motor. Is there a huge difference in filters? does longer length filter more? What P/N filter are you SBC 350 guys running?
they are the exact same filter, you can buy the smaller ones for when you have clearance issues. if you have the room for it you might as well run the longer filter, it really doesn't make a difference
I like to run the longer filter for the extra oil capacity in the system if for nothing else. Having twice the filter media doesn't hurt either.

Ok cool, I thought it was something like that. Thanks!!!
For small blocks (well, big blocks also for that matter) here is a listing of filter part numbers and descriptions

WIX Filters
Part number 51061
A 1 quart filter that measures 5.18 inches high.

Part number 51060
A 1 quart filter. Is the same as the 51061 above except has an anti-drainback valve (this is not a bypass valve). Size is still 5.18 inches high.

Part number 51069
Slightly shorter. 4.34 inches high

Part Number 51794
A 2 quart filter. If you have room for it is 7.82 inches tall (not recommended if you're climbing over stuff in your rig :doh: )

If you purchase filters from NAPA (which is a WIX filter) just drop to first digit to get your part number: 1061,1060, etc.
if you're going to the chevy parts dept. the delco numbers are pf44 for the short and pf59 for the long (replaced the pf58 not too long ago)

couldn't tell you the GM part numbers off the top of my head

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