Oil Filter Location on F motor

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Dec 4, 2002
Sorry if this is a dumb question. I have looked and cannot seem to find a location of the oil filter on the F motor I have.

Its a 1968 model. Any thoughts.

I have seen the locations on the 2F next to the fuel pump..
Is it an internal filter somewhere
You should have the old canister style filter. Look on the other side for something that looks like the tin man. :p
I dont see anything Like that, it is on the same side as the oil filler correct?
I would imagine it has a line in and line out right?

Anyone got a photo of one?
Well I Guess I couldnt find it cause its not there on the motor!!
my 69 is on the side of the intake manafold
You should have oil lines (two tubes) coming off of
the engine on the driver's side beneath the exhaust
manifold. Follow these oil lines until you get to
the filter. I suppose that someone could have
done a very bad thing and looped the oil line
back onto itself, thus leaving you without an
oil filter. If so, you need to get two new oil
lines, a remote filter bracket, and a new oil

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