oil and hoses question

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Aug 14, 2007
brampton ont
will hydraulic hose hold up to diesel motor oil?
I'm in the middle of my turbo build and i need 3/4" or 7/8" oil return hose the only reason i'm going this big is because the oil return tube is that big.
any comments or ideas welcome
I used air brake hose. That works great
will hydraulic hose hold up to diesel motor oil?........

I can see no reason why not.

In fact the way I see it, hydraulic hose should be "over-engineered" because in many applications hydraulic oil is likely to be hotter and at higher pressure than the oil in a diesel engine.

oil catch can


are you going to use an oil catch can between the crankcase and the turbo? Is the motor a 2H?



69 fj40
82 hj47
from a local hydraulic vendor. they were pretty darn pricey, mind you they cut, crimped and tested them too. It was on par with factory hose kit pricing though
blastr9 whats a catch can? and ive got a 3b a day or two away from having a turbo

i found hydraulic line at princess auto for 3.99 a foot
that place is gold for cheap stuff too bad its all from china and preaty poorly made

thanks for all the replies
catch can

a catch can catches the oil that comes from the crankcase vent instead of spewing it onto the ground or feeding it directly back into the intake manifold before the turbo.
nope my vent only drips a drip or two and drips on to the drive shaft lubricating it (some) and spraying the frame and under body (rust protection theres too much salt on the road in ontario for the oil not to go on the truck)
The hose should be marked as being suitable for oil and gas use. I have a big hose, probably 7/8" for the oil return from the turbo on the FJ45LV. It is marked as being suitable for oil and gas use.

Where are you draining to? I took the oil return for the BJ60 and FJ55 to the altenator vacuum pump return but I'm taking the FJ45LV back to the pan. It allows for a larger connection.
I just routed the turbo oil return back to the alternator return line all seems to be well its a 3/4" hydraulic hose

That is where the BJ60 and FJ55 go but you can see oil seepage on the hose connections. I'll see how the FJ45LV looks and I might change the BJ60 and FJ55 if it looks like it is better at the pan.

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