Oh No!!! Not The Piggie!!!

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not an addict
Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
but ben...you weren't even off the f^$%#n road!!!
Yikes, is everyone OK?
that'd be ben's. he's ok...probably real sore today.

i'll let him tell the story when he gets back from walden. certainly made the day iwth the fjcruiser more interesting.
Were you guys on the snow photoshoot with the fj cruiser? I had the chance to go for the mud shoot last week but had to pass b/c of school obligations.
Yeah we were on the photoshoot up in Walden. I must say that FJ is very capable, no poser for sure.
Yeah its really capable I have been very impressed. Go to the Upstate Cruisers forum and in the thread called "JP, Ghen Well" theres a link to the fj in alabama with over 200 pics.

Sorry to hijack
Sorry 'bout you're pig Ben, that really sucks. Glad you're ok. Mike
The suspense is killing me. Was it 2 seperate accidents? The first photo shows the roof severely caved in, and the second photo looks like the front of the roof is intact. Please lets hear the details, and possibly more photos.

you cant just post pics with no story......:) glad to hear everyone is ok
Looks like its time to go topless. It's good to here that Ben is ok.
yes all, I'm alright...a little sore but not too bad actually...

first and foremost a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE thankyou to all that helped!

Ige, treeroot & his mom, Pablo and his :princess: leanne, TrueCruiser and his :princess: 's, Seldom seen, the couple who's name I forgot from Craig (sorry brain damage) Robbie, Eric and the Toyota Crew.

I owe you guys bigtime!!!

here's the lowdown:

Driving around 30-35mph on the dirt road(yes dirt road) checked my mirror to make sure others were following....looked up I was close to the side of the road were the drifts were, drifts got ahold of me, pulled the piggie to the side very fast and hard...the otherwheels were on ice...

the ass end slightly swung over transferring weight...hard crusty snow supported the drivers side of the vehicle while all the weight forced the cruiser to dive into the snow and roll... :frown:

I DID NOT have my seatbelt on...I feel this definitely made a difference in the outcome...I dove down into the passenger floor right when she started to roll, when she stopped I was pinned by the roof. I wiggled around quickly and noticed i could only get out the back doors. So I squirmed between the headrest and the b-pillar to get into the back...and climbed out, one side or the other, can't really remember which side lol.

Got out and started laughing because I was ok and noone else involved.

This gives HUUUUGE consideration to those wheeling a Pig/wagon without a cage.
Glad to hear that you are doin allright.
It is crazy how many times NOT wearing a seatbelt has saved some ones tender skin.

So what if any are your plans for the PIG:beer:
Good to hear your ok Ben, sounds similar to when ClemsonCruiser and I rolled his 40 on trail one in Tellico. Except only 20-25 mph. So whats up with the piggy now, maybe that roofless version you photochopped.

Ben, glad you are okay man.

Sorry to see the bruises on you and on the piggy. :(
glad you are ok...sorry about your pig.....and no i will not sell mine back to you:) ....keep us posted on what direction you are going to go with the pig
good luck

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