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Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
Fellow Ohio trail users,

Here's an interesting email from Bill Kaeppner, leader of the OMTA.
MOLC used to be a supporting member of OMTA, but as the club ran low on funds we discontinued our club support. I'm still an individual member.
I hope that some of you who were not aware of the work Bill has done on your behalf will consider joining OMTA. Better yet, maybe come to a board meeting and get involved. :cheers:

In a message, kaeppner@ohiohills.net wrote:
<<This is an extremely exciting time to be alive.

This week OMTA went to Columbus to meet with state Senators. The next day in Chillicothe with trust officials. The next in Columbus again with the ODNR and yesterday a lengthy conversation (to be picked up again today) with the Governor’s Appalachian development director. I believe we have very good opportunity to have a world-class multi-use riding area in Southern Ohio for “ALL” wheeled off pavement recreation in an area we all know and have used.

My friend Bobby Beamer’s group www.texasoffroad.net in Texas has a 1600A facility that has 160 miles of trail.

I have to tell you I am at the edge of my own competence. I have so much on the plate I am afraid of missing something critical to our success.

I am letting you know I will be seeking a place for a meeting next week. It will be short notice and I may have to have two of them. I have received so much information I need to spread before I forget it or my head explodes.


For all those who have sat on the fence waiting to see if OMTA “is going to do anything for folks up north” The door is also open for any other place in Ohio to have the same opportunity. No one is going to help you if you will not help yourself.

I cannot be everywhere let alone find the large landholders who are receptive to selling (especially when it takes a year to get it done). If you really want to have places to recreate you will have to participate at all levels, not just the fun end.

We need membership, leaders and folks willing to step up and now is the time.

Bill Kaeppner
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