Offroad capabilities II. Part

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Oct 13, 2003
Pattaya, Thailand
Here the second part of the offroad-capabilities:

Grnd clearance Appr. angle Breakover angle Depart. angle

H1 41 cm 72° 32.5° 37.5°

Defender ? 51° 34° 35°

H2 25 cm 40.4° 25.8° 39.6°

Jeep R. 22 cm 41.8° 22.3° 31.3°

LC80 25 cm 34° 25° 26°

As we can see the Landcruiser is the last :'( but for example the Jeep Rubicon is too low and has a poor breakover angle :D. The best is the Hummer H1. The figures for the Defender I will place with a question-mark because I don't trust them.

Maybe somebody has better infos for the defender.

For me the LC80 is still the number 1 :cheers: :cheers:

I'm guessing that breakover is the max angle of a sharp ridge that the truck would not be stuck/high-centered on while straddling. If so, isn't it strange that the Defender which IIRC has the axles much closer to the ends of the truck (see departure and approach angles) would show a greater breakover than the LC? Oh well...

Agree these are important, but in climbing a steep hill its been my experience that rarely do you come upon a smooth hill that has an easy start and finally becomes so steep some vehicles cannot make it simply due to power - the equivalent of that test.

On the trail, you'll far more likely come to a short steep hill whose start drags the bumpers of most stock vehicles and stops them, or whose surface once you make it onto it is slippery or rutted and stops other vehicles due to traction. That test - while relevant - gives an answer to a question rarely asked on the trail.


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