Official 406 Cruisers February Meeting FEB 8th at BLACKHAWK!

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Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
It is time for our monthly meeting this Tuesday February 8th at 7pm at the BLACKHAWK! factory.

We have a lot of cool stuff to go over this month and we are getting an inside tour of the facility with Chris at BLACKHAWK! which is a USA injection molding facility just west of Bozeman.

This month we want to cover the following:
  • Trail coms, we want to bring a vote to the club of changing the minimum com requirement to FRS radio's vs the old CB radios. We had a great discussion and we think this would be an easy change that will help the club moving forward. We are seeking a group buy through our sponsor Right Channel Radio's to pick up a bunch of quality radio's at a good price.
  • We are going to vote in our first member under the new membership By-Laws... thanks to @YotaPaullie for being willing to do this!
  • There is a 406 crew heading down to Cruise Moab '22 for their 25th anniversary run, we hope to get everyone going on the same page and get a few details ironed out.
  • We will discuss the changes to the membership process we've made since our BBQ meeting last fall and how it works going forward.
  • We'd like to hear what trails and runs we should consider for the summer season.

Where: BLACKHAWK! The factory is located in Manhattan, Montana Here's a Map I am sure Chris can chime in and help us know where to meet once we are there.

When: This Tuesday Feb 8th at 7:00pm

Who's invited?: YOU ARE!

It should be a great meeting and a cool factory to check out. Feel free to post up any questions. If you know of something we should add to the agenda feel free to post up or send a PM.
That is pure sweetness (Blackhawk tour and the club of course)! I am going to be a bit late as my son has sharpshooters, but we'll see if we can bolt early. Thanks for letting me be a guinea pig.
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Hey y'all, Chris (of Blackhawk) here...

There should be plenty of random places to park, there are no rules or limitations (just don't park in or blocking the obvious shipping bays ;)). However, please enter in through the main entrance on the East side of the building. Every external door to the building auto locks for security reasons. So I will just stay close to the front door as people have to buzz in.

I will still confirm if we will hold the meeting in the main lobby or our break room. Our break room is through a door just to the left of the lobby. So maybe just keep an eye out for people and signs.

There are a lot of great things to see, and we will cover a lot of neat processes. I am excited to share with you all!!!
Thanks for doing this Chris! I have driven by that factory so many times and wondered what's all happening on the inside. Stoked to be there.
it is a nice place, I stopped by there years ago to see about reproducing the rear spoiler for 100 series, unfortunely the mold cost was prohibitive.
they showed me examples of the stuff they produced and it was amazing, the plastic top to a step ladder was being produced
Sounds like a cool operation! I look forward to getting a tour on Tuesday.

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