Off Road Concepts Raingler roof rack grab handles!

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Jun 25, 2006
Toostoned AZ
Yeah you can grab onto the roof rack without these..but in rainy situations or icy NOPE YOU CANT...these are excellent for people to hold onto if your FJ is off camber in situations, they are a SURE THING!
1.5" model from Off Road COncepts yep they are making more than just jeep stuff now. approx $16 each plus shipping I believe
These are freaking tight!!!



all my weight on them no movement!
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hummmm... those are pretty interesting... i might need to look into these... grabbing the roof rack after a sub-zero night... is freaking cold... those would make it nice.
We had Raingler grab handles on our Unlimited Rubi.
It IS good to see them being made for the GSJ15.

P.S. they were a good, strong product.
Dumb, but hilarious! :lol:
LMAO sorry Eddie all the kids now a days are doing this..they need something to securely grab a hold of hahahahah!!!

These are awesome for taking pics while on your rock rails also. I'll post up some pics after going wheeling.

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