OEM wheel paint color

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May 2, 2004
Jackson, MS
OK, I've searched every thread I could find on wheel paint. All of the ones I found were geared toward the process of wheel painting and not the paint itself.

I have a set of factory silver 18" OEM Land Cruiser wheels that are in good shape. However, I have another 18 I want to use as a spare that's OEM "hyper silver" I want to paint to match the others.

Does anyone know the correct color for the factory silver Toyota used on the 18s (or a match)? Thanks
You can probably get the answer by calling your local paint jobber. They have a book or computer that has all of the exterior colors and color codes and also a list of other colors and codes like bumpers and wheels.

That said, are you sure the OEM wheels are painted?
I'd just paint all five wheels silver if you just want matching silver wheels. Why go to all the trouble to get one to match when you can just paint all five one color?
I believe OEM wheels are powder coated... seems way too durable to be paint. I noticed that the coating on my '02 (16") wheels are a "liquidy" silver compared to the silver on the older wheels.
I painted a set hyper silver set the Wurth wheel silver and then clear coated them. It was a pretty good match to the stock color.

The Wurth silver paint is easy to find with a google search.

An old thread that needs to be revived.

The need I had 2 years ago went away, but now I'm in the a similar predicament of needing to paint-to-match a single Land Cruiser OEM 18" wheel: Irrespective of the prior answers on this thread and the other threads I've searched, does anyone know of, specifically, a / the color for wheel paint that matches the factory-painted color. This wheel isn't going to be plasti-dipped or powdercoated, so I'm looking for factory-matched paint (preferably in a spray can.) I've got to believe someone in the past has been successful in finding a match for this color.........

Any thoughts?
You can go to an oreilly distribution store if you have one in your area and they have a camera scanner tool that will take several pictures and disseminate the data into a paint code and mix it for you or give you the data. Had to do it for my rear bumper as the paint code (1B1) was for the upper parts on my 2000. There was not a paint code present for the bumpers so they scanned it.

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