OEM vs Fox shocks

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May 31, 2013
I have the SLEE OME 1.5" AHC Replacement Kit and the OME Shocks are way too stiff. I don't do any offroading and want to replace the OME shocks. What should I go with?
Can't speak for FOX, but I'm very happy with the OEM shocks on OME 865's in the rear and TB's cranked. Price on OEM is crazy cheap too.
No off-roading? OEM for sure.
Yeah, unfortunately being in Chicago I live in the concrete jungle. I wish I was in baja or the desert to do desert jumps and drifting.

My offroad adventures are the ripped up and torn streets of the south side of chicago.
I have the 1.5 ome med kit, slee installed. I think the ride quality is subjective. I do like how it handles in the turns, but dislike how the suspension handles the expasion joints and potholes.

It does seem to smooth out with some weight in the back. I was going to add sand bags, until I add the drawers, bumpers, etc...

Ome sounds good based on the price point. If i had the funds the icons seem like they get alot of praise as well as the ironmans.
I also have the medium duty OME springs.

My Fox shocks are ok. I blew one within a month and Fox made good on it and sent me a new one. I had Bilsteins on previous trucks and might go back to those...

Within a few weeks I'll be gaining some weight with new bumpers so I'm pretty sure they will be swapped with something that can handle the load and I have heard awful things about OME. Leaning Icon.

The ride is very nice now. So, so smooth. It feels like a brand new truck. If you don't add weight you might be ok with this combo. I also have airbags so when I'm towing or have a ton of weight in the back I can add air without sacrificing ride quality all the times I am just using it to commute.
My foxes seem a little stiff, but I like the ride stiffer than as boaty as it was with blown OEM shocks

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