oem vs aftermarket reman'd caliper ID

Apr 13, 2006
vansterdam, BC
is there any way to tell whether calipers are oem vs aftermarket remans like cardone etc? specific stamping, casting...etc.? pics of each would be nice if you have any to compare...

thanks :cheers:
Oct 3, 2006
Medford, OR
Why don't you post the pics of your calipers? Or try searching?

There is a stamping on it. If you search, you'll likely find it. I posted a pic of mine in a thread here not too long ago....
Feb 18, 2010
Even if the calipers are remanufactured from an OEM unit, the seals might be of inferior quality.

I went through this debate a few weeks back, wondering whether I should simply grab a cardone from Kragen, or buy the Toyota rebuild kit from cdan. Cardone was ~$50 for one side, while the rebuild kit was ~$25 for both sides in the front.

I went with a cdan rebuild kit and rebuilt one side in a few hours, going very slowly and taking my sweet time. So now I'm sure it's done right and I know yet another part of my vehicle very well ;)

BTW - the rebuild process is very simple, inexpensive, and goes fast.

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