OEM spare tire location - raised how much?....4x4 TV and AJIK

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Jun 25, 2013
Gilbert, AZ.
I've read quite a few of the threads, most seem to strongly feel the AJIK kit is the way to go when improving over the stock spare tire location.

With a 33" wheel (285/75/16), how much higher can the spare actually be raised regardless of which option is pursued? Do these essentially LEVEL the tire or do they truly raise the entire tire?

AJIK and 4x4TV (spacers) - both seem to also have spacers that lower the tire lift/chain mechanism seemingly obviating some of the potential lift. Why?

AJIK - most of the pics I've seen reveal folks locating the two main brackets at their lowest setting again seemingly ignoring the potential to raise the tire up a bit - what gives? See below...

In regards to the pic you posted, I believe the slots are there for those that have a body lift. I think you have to mount it as shown if you don't have a body lift.

Other than that, I've no experience with any of the kits.
Installed this kit tonight with brand new 315/75/16 tire and it raised crossmember about 2in and leveled out the tire .....it looks like the tire is hanging about the same height as it did with the factory spare but its level and not angled down in the front
Bryson is correct the slots in the frame brackets can be used to raise the crossmember another inch or so....only if you have a body lift , without a body lift u dont have any room to move up any higher ......its easier to understand if u get under ur lc and look
Also the brackets can be used to move the crossmember closer to the rear of the cruiser allowing a taller tire to fit without touching the panhard rod
Brand new 315/75/16 just barely touches the panhard rod no pressure up against it, it is rubbing the paint off the rod is about the only problem ive noticed




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