OEM Shocks - Do I have this right?

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Jul 7, 2012
Here's some background info.

I'm trying to get everything together for a OEM shock install to swap out the AHC.

I ordered the shocks from Sam @ Lowe, but they came with no retainers. I read that the AHC retainers were not compatible with the standard OEM shocks, so I ordered the retainers.

Included in the order were 14 retainers, I thought this was strange since I figured there would be 16 (4 retainers per shock.)

The front shock retainers all matched up with their part #'s in the parts catalog.

There are 2 retainers for the rear that have very large holes that, per their part 3's were marked for the rear L&R upper retainer. I find this odd because the hole is almost as big as the nut.

There were also 4 other retainers that have smaller holes, similar to the retainers that are the L&R upper and lower front retainers. When I looked up their part #'s it said there was no association to the LC.

It seems that these smaller hole retainers would be the L&R upper and lower retainers and I'm missing the middle retainers that hold the shock in the proper position on the frame.

A member on here sent me 3 retainers that he had, you can see in the one pic that it looks like I'm missing the 4 retainers like this one that should go in the middle

If anyone knows the right layout for these I'd appreciate the help.

Attached some pics to help:



If anyone knows the right layout for these I'd appreciate the help.

Calling Hoser!

Really though, I think I saw a thread similar to this somewhere, but maybe that was just you posting in another thread. Somebody help the man out!
TTT.. Converting my 2000lx AHC into regular oem shocks... Bought shocks, no retainers.. Ordered them and now I am seeing some retainers have bigger hole size then others like pics above in op's post.. Is this correct?
If memory serves me correctly there are three different washers for each rear side, four washers total. The larger hole retainer will be placed one side of actual shock mount welded to frame. The smaller hole retainers are placed just below the nut and other one goes in the the lowest position resting on the shock. Seems the third pic retainer with the lip was also placed against shock mount on where the lip rested in a groove to keep entire shock assembly "in line". If it was daylight here I'd crawl under a take a pic, but its night, mosquitoes are out
Picture 1 is part 9094802170 should be one each rear side required 2 total

Picture 2 is part 9094802173 should be two each rear side 4 total

Picture 3 cant locate part number at moment should be one each rear side 2 total

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