OEM Roof Rack Removed...

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Mar 2, 2005
Does Toyota or anyone else make a cover for the holes in the roof after the rack is removed. I had a temp cover but its not holding up.....
You need to put an AO rack up there dude.
Correct part# is still 75557-60010. The current dealer price is $9.46 each (6 required).
If you're interested in letting the factory rack go, I may want it for my brother's '98. PM me, maybe we can work out a trade, his covers for your rack?

Sin or Mac- Since you brought up the AO- Do you know how much taller is the AO rack is over stock?
With the addition of the half-rail, definitely higher, but I'm not certain exactly without measuring it. The height is also adjustable. I had my at the lowest setting but when I tried to mount stuff up there, I could get under the rack with straps, so raised it.

I ordered some parts from CDan yesterday. The prices he gave me were ridiculous. On the waterpump alone, he charged me $100 less than what the local Toyo dealer was going to charge me. Same thing on every other item I bought.

He said he has just received a few hundred Japanese-made OEM oil filters as well, if you are interested. I ordered 5.

Great guy and incredible prices.

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