OEM PTO questions

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Mar 6, 2012
Hey 40 fam. I am still a noob I know but I was hoping someone could help me out. I am not sure if my PTO is OEM or not. It looks to be and im thinking it is. Sorry no Pics yet...The reason I am asking is this..I took it out last night as I am doing some clean up on the 40. I have decided to sell it due to the fact that the PO moved it over on the frame a couple inches to accomodate some of his mods...anyway..the underside of the rig looked like a cob web of knuckles and shafts so i decided to get rid of the headache and sell it. It worked fine when I played with it so thats good. I think I would like to sell everything clear to the PTO. With that I have a few questions Im hoping someone could answer.

Where can I find a PTO cover plate?
How much should I ask for the entire set up?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge...Im going to play the NOOB card on this one...
Thanks all
Wanted section has you cover.


Without pics, and not knowing what you have?

Figure out what you have and then head over to the classifieds section and see what winch stuff has been selling for.

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