OEM non USA sun visors installed

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American by Birth, Texan by the grace of God.
Mar 20, 2008
Flower Mound, TX
FINALLY got a "Passable" solution for my visors - New 80 series visors in the Non USA variety.

The Bad
- No lighted mirrors (like I give a crap)
- only Passenger side has a small mirror (see above)
- Overhead console type, squared off inside edge. Is this really a downside? so I miss like 6" sq of coverage each side. I'll live.

The Good
-Perfect OEM fit, no fiddling with mods, no mucking around in junk yards
-Perfect matching fabric and color for my 95 (cept now my headliner looks disgusting and needs a cleaning.)
-I can SEE again.

Thanks to Akella for shipping to me.
Akella has a Non USA OEM visor thread in For Sale section. Mine was not in stock, but ordered, I believe. Don't know how many sets he has access to, but I got one. :moon:
Just installed mine today as well. I was looking into swapping the light up mirror from the old sunvisor, but it looks like the support bracket for the mirror housing is welded to the frame on the original visors. Perfect fit with the subtank/altimeter console.
Posted these up a number of years ago, as I needed to go this route for the Subtank OH console which was re-purposed for my HAM radio. The :princess: was not happy with the loss of the vanity mirror, but so goes it.

These are light grey

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