For Sale OEM LX 570 AHC Pumps and Condensors, almost new, Less than 20 miles, MINT

Jan 26, 2020
Rockville MD
Up for sale is some parts off my LX570. Up for sale is some of the items from my conversion from AHC to normal suspension.

So there a few items for sale. All of the items were installed and removed, so they might have less than 10-15 miles until the diagnosis of an electrical problem in the wiring was made by my mechanic and the conversion was done. All parts are in almost brand new condition OEM brand new components.

2x OEM AHC pumps. Pump #1 was bought new and was in the vehicle for less than 5 miles before Pump #2 was bought to replace it. Pump #2 was also bought brand new and was in the car for about 20 miles until my mechanic diagnosed the problem as an electrical one that would require replacing the entire wiring loom.

Both pumps were tested for functionality by my mechanic and both are working perfectly.

I am selling each pump for $850 OBO plus shipping.

I also have a full set of OEM Condensers for the LX570, these have about 40 miles on them.

I am selling the full set of condensers for $650 shipped OBO

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