For Sale OEM locked axles 80 series

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May 30, 2008
United States
Hi I have a rolled 1997 Lexus LX450 that I bought from another Mud member last year,plan was to build a wheeling rig out of it but just never got started on it.

It has the locked axles and it looks like someone has already went trough them and did some work to them.I would like to get 2000$ for the set including

  • complete front and rear axles (brakes, calipers, knuckles, housing and diff()
  • wiring harness
  • Locker ECU
  • Dial on dash

I have tested them and they work fine ,if the po that did some work to them want to share this please go ahead.

Also have a strong 1FZ and tranny from the same rig.

Weekly bump

Reasonable offers considered
All standard 4.11 gears 9.5" rear, 8" HP front electric lockers.
Weekly bump,parting the Cruiser out next week so I can ad some pics then......if no one snatches them up before ;)
2000$ including Ecu and all other needed parts,I can give a discpunt to someone local that is willing to pull them vs me having to do all the work.
What are you asking for both axles?

Edited: Joe beat me too it.

First post states $2k.

Both these axles show evidence of full rebuilds and someone took the time to even coat.

Similar classified ads list this same setup at $2k, in unknown condition and usually crusty, in need of rebuild.

Granted, the rebuild quality is speculated, since we don't know who, how, or with what, but the fact that someone coated is indicative of a thorough job.

Knuckles are sealed, fluids looked good (when I had) and brake components all appeared relatively fresh.

Good buy and Joe's a great guy to do business with.
What is the mileage on these axles?
would you consider splitting up the set and selling just the front
What is the mileage on these axles?


Here's the story.

I bought a totalled part out rig from a notable Mud member, unregistered vendor, with no information provided beyond what's been posted above and on the other classified ad for the corresponding 1FZ.


It was stripped of everything. Dash, gauges, even the steerig wheel had been pulled, so no way of even assuming what the miles were before the accident.

Fired up every time I started, the 1FZ ran strong, and the lockers performed smoothly.

Sold to Joe, after totaling my own LX.....

I have no vested interest in this deal, for the record, but based on what I've seen sell in the $1,500-$2k range, that are in need of full rebuilds and brakes, these should be priced much higher than the asking price.
I'm not familiar with the '97 model. Does it have rear disc brakes? Also, does this have ABS?
I have a '92 so no ABS or rear disc.
Yes...97 has read disk and abs
Thanks Chris for adding a picture of the rig ,it might clarify the lack of information on it ;)

Not looking to split them up guys it is a package deal and the cruiser will be parted out before Roundup event so I can deliver them there and save you a fortune on shipping.


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