OEM Front Ceramic Brake Pad Kit 96-02 4 Runner (1 Viewer)

Jun 14, 2010
Flooded timber of Arkansas
Price: $25 plus whatever USPS charges me to ship TYD
Location: Little Rock, AR

I bot OEM brake pads for my dad's 2001 2wd tacoma but they did not fit and apparently i bot the wrong part number. Problem is, now toyotapartzone will not take back because more than 14 days have passed so I would like to get half of my money back.:crybaby:

Per some sellers on Ebay, this part number also fits Pre Runner Tacomas around the same years.

Email me if you need these pads: claytonjsmith@gmail.com

I have the original red box in perfect condition with part number:


"Ceramic Brake Pad Kit"

Toyota Genuine Parts


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