OEM FJ62 mats dimensions

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Mar 10, 2009
San Francisco(for now)
Hello there LC peeps!

After trying for way too long to replace the grey OEM carpets and mats in my "new to me" blue !988 FJ62 I have finally broken down and decided to go the remnant carpet route as an alternative for new carpets and mats.

Does anyone have the dimensions, or is anyone willing to measure their OEM mats? I have the OEM center mat and the tailgate, but am missing the drivers and passenger mats. I am trying to keep her as stock looking as possible.

She was a high school kids DD and it smelled and looked like it in there! Melted crayons, rotten doritos, cheetos, broken fake fingernails, enough pennies to choke a goat, enough hair for a high class hookers weave, half of two beaches worth of sand and of course it's missing the radio antenna!

It does have a measly 155k miles on it and barely a whisper of rust. Although the enamel is starting to flake like crazy off the body.
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Any help is appreciated.


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