OEM Denso A/C Compressor for FJ55 or FJ40

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Dec 3, 2016
I've managed to acquire most of the parts to retrofit OEM a/c into my '55, except a compressor. The mounts I have are the same as the one pictured, and the mounting holes on the compressor need to run north/south.

Does anyone know what model Denso a/c compressor was installed in FJ55's or FJ40's that had OEM a/c? And is this still available to buy new from Denso?

I'm sure those compressors were used on an early 60 series. Does anyone know what the current Denso model is?
Denso 471-0204. But it doesn't come with the two fittings. I'm guessing those are standard, however.

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The compressors I have pulled off of 55s look NOTHING like a 60 compressor.
Mark, There were three different compressors used on the FJ55 over the years. Two look nothing like that. 1/‘79 and newer Fj55 look just like fj40 and fj60 compressors. See the ultimate Fj55 air conditioning thread in the Fj55 section.

Yelmarb: Easiest way to get where you want to go is with an fj60 setup. Buy the motor mount and a reman fj60 compressor. You will need to swap crank pulleys to one with the required inner narrow groove for any of the three OEM compressor options.
Thanks guys, the Denso 471-0204 looks like it will fit the brackets that I have but it doesn't come with any fittings.

Are the fittings available separately?

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