OEM brake pads work best.

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by IdahoDoug, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. IdahoDoug


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    Aug 9, 2003
    You've all heard me yak about using OEM brake parts, but I got a little lesson last weekend I thought I'd pass along.

    I bought a 97 a few months ago and we used it to tow for the first time last weekend. I've been through it all, but it's still got aftermarket pads from the PO since they're virtually new. Cresting a hill in an unfamiliar area, I suddenly spotted our turn and hit the brakes as I started the turn onto the side road. The trailer brakes did not respond, so we were coming into the turn too fast and I'd already committed. In a panic, I jammed down hard on the brake pedal and only got marginally more braking as we swept the corner way too fast.

    I think the pad compound on these things is simply way off and you'd not likely know it when just driving the truck around and needing sudden cold brakes to perform. But in an emergency the difference was plain to me. I've had trailer brakes fail before and have been able to get so much braking that the 80 feels like the rear tires are going to lift with a stout right leg and burst of adreneline.

    So, just an experience for those of you considering whether stock pads are worth the few extra bucks. They are and it may only be in an emergency that you'll know.

  2. MaddBaggins

    MaddBaggins Remember the KnightRider!

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    Feb 22, 2005
    The Old Pueblo
    I don't know what was on my LC when I bought it, but they sucked. I bought a pair of HAWK's about 12 months ago and I have been very happy with their performance, including hard braking. They still have quite a bit of life left after 10k and I just ordered a second pair for the next change. I have not tried the OEM, but I beleive the way Toyota makes things they are probably pretty damn good.
    Glad you came thru the brake experience OK Doug. I enjoy reading your posts! :cheers:
  3. RavenTai


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    Nov 16, 2003
    Dixie co. Florida
    If you cannot kick in the ABS on dry pavement something is not right.

    Order up some 100 series pads from CDan, I use them and in a recent test caused by an idiot in a new F150 that they do kick in the ABS on dry pavement. I still did not have enough braking space so when I was about to hit him I had to move onto the shoulder.

    BTW one BMW horn and one original horn does get an idiots attention but too late I want more. That is another thread.
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